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The guy to change it all <3

31 Jul

It’s funny how the mind can change your perspective on things, such as relationships. I myself was the one who would talk to a guy for two weeks then ignore his texts and all contact with him. Until the day I met a guy who changed my perspective on the world. It’s been two months of continuos talking, everyday. There was a point to where I had felt it was going nowhere so I had put an end to what we had. He continued to talk to me until he told me he still had feelings for me and wanted to try and make things work. Right there had shown not only was he actually serious that during the week I was hoping to receive a text. He has shown me my talents are more than what I thought they were and that I’m stronger and a much better person than I see when I look in the mirror. The day I first saw him I instantly felt a connection. He has shown me that I can trust him and rely on him, he’s the guy I know that if I need to fall back on him I can and he’ll catch me. He is the guy that opened my heart with a key that was lost. ❤



20 Apr

It’s interesting to see how emotion isn’t just the main idea of happy from a smile or sad from a frown. It’s from expressions such as those and body gestures. We all have our way of expressing our emotions. But do we do it enough?
People feel showing some emotions such as sadness is being weak. I sometimes refuse to let myself cry in public. I find it people will believe I am weak. But in all actuality. Showing your emotions doesn’t mean you’re weak, it shows your strong enough to let them show.
I, as well as others still have a hard time grasping that. In the work place, at school, I always seem happy because I have a smile on my face. Sometimes I’m torn on the inside but still continue to not let people know that I’m actually not ok.
Facts prove that if you smile it instantly makes you happier. That is true to a certain degree. How much does it really change your mood? If smiling makes your mood better then why won’t more people do it?
Emotions are a part of a daily life. You can’t escape them. Why hide it? Is it really part of the mind stopping you or do people just not know how to express them self in a way that feels comfortable


19 Apr

Growing up people typically do or occasionally don’t want a relationship.
I myself thrived for one thinking my prince would sweep me off my feet and treat me like a princess. Now if a guy calls me princess I punch him as hard as I can.
Point being. It was a dream, a goal, a need, and well obviously a want. Who didn’t want to have that special person to call there own. Now I want to puke in my mouth thinking about having a “thing” attached to my hip being considered another half. Like ew. Secretly at the same time I want a boyfriend but only if he’s the independent, not up my butt all the time, and gives me my personal time kinda guy. But I of course have no luck. Am I looking to hard? Is it me and my sarcastic ways?
I always wonder what guys think when they see me. I feel like when I look good the think I look decent and well when I look bad I think they agree. But I really wish I could read there minds. Then again I don’t.
I fall for the wrong guy as I hear many guy friends tell me they fall for the wrong girl. Who doesn’t. I think we all have that lightbulb moment in a relationship when we think to ourself “oh my god I’m with him, what am I thinking?” Or you know the cheesy “I’m so happy I found you, I love you.”
What is a good relationship? Being best friends them dating? All of these questions but so many different answers. It’s like a puzzle of feelings. Each day you feel a certain way until after so long you have enough pieces to put your picture together. Am I right?
Real happiness in relationships come within not with the outside.

People, society, everything

19 Apr

We grow up believing that nothing really matters in life. Our looks, our size, our opportunities. The only thing that matters is who gets to the swing first.
As a child I lived with no worries. Always happy and believed life was so great. Now that I’m older I see life as hell. Life as we once believed was so great is so full of hate and occasional misery.
But why?
The reason why is because so many people have came to believe that in order to be perfect you have to be a size zero, silky hair, and nice clothes. Oh yeah, a nice fancy job added to that. Nobody is perfect. Nobody will be perfect. We are unique and a whole. Why forget the mind we had as a child? I believe we should keep our happy place and keep our walls up for protection. Life your life and stop living someone else’s.