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Understanding me

21 Jan

As people get older we usually begin to define ourselves, as I got older I lost myself thinking I was going in the right direction in life. From knowing what you want and how you want it to losing the voice in your mind that helps you calm your indecisive thoughts running through your head. I literally have him rock bottom with people. I can’t understand the concept of how some people live a daily life because they literally just seek ungodly amounts of attention for what should be nothing. I’ve come to the realization of my life that I need to learn me. People try telling me who I am but they have to realize they can’t predetermine who I am for the lack of my capability of knowing myself. I prefer being one, just me myself, and I. I have a few friends who get me, even my own parents question part of my thoughts and beliefs on life. Little do I know my life could be a dream of the reality of I’m becoming rather than stepping forward in my future. Love to me is a four letter word, a long with life. What’s rather pathetic is how society twists the mind the believe its other people messing with your head when really it’s yourself.


La selfie ;)

31 Jul



A blank look can say a lot.

21 Apr



Be yourself.

20 Apr



With my cat :)

20 Apr