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Love & relationships. The confusion of it all.

22 May

We all come to that point in life when we believe having a significant will make us complete. We think having our best friend would make it a great relationship, I believed that too. I still do. I’m so lost on the fact how girls usually want the bad boys over the nice guys. I’ve missed out on a hell of a guy do to me being absolutely blind to it all. I know they say everyone has that one person out there for you but I can only believe that to a certain extent. I suck at relationships by messing everything up by being to awkward or to comfortable, to shy, to outgoing. It’s like a never ending cycle of screw ups. I just don’t understand.


Dat eye ;)

20 Apr



One picture is worth a thousand words.(literally)

20 Apr



19 Apr

Growing up people typically do or occasionally don’t want a relationship.
I myself thrived for one thinking my prince would sweep me off my feet and treat me like a princess. Now if a guy calls me princess I punch him as hard as I can.
Point being. It was a dream, a goal, a need, and well obviously a want. Who didn’t want to have that special person to call there own. Now I want to puke in my mouth thinking about having a “thing” attached to my hip being considered another half. Like ew. Secretly at the same time I want a boyfriend but only if he’s the independent, not up my butt all the time, and gives me my personal time kinda guy. But I of course have no luck. Am I looking to hard? Is it me and my sarcastic ways?
I always wonder what guys think when they see me. I feel like when I look good the think I look decent and well when I look bad I think they agree. But I really wish I could read there minds. Then again I don’t.
I fall for the wrong guy as I hear many guy friends tell me they fall for the wrong girl. Who doesn’t. I think we all have that lightbulb moment in a relationship when we think to ourself “oh my god I’m with him, what am I thinking?” Or you know the cheesy “I’m so happy I found you, I love you.”
What is a good relationship? Being best friends them dating? All of these questions but so many different answers. It’s like a puzzle of feelings. Each day you feel a certain way until after so long you have enough pieces to put your picture together. Am I right?
Real happiness in relationships come within not with the outside.