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Understanding me

21 Jan

As people get older we usually begin to define ourselves, as I got older I lost myself thinking I was going in the right direction in life. From knowing what you want and how you want it to losing the voice in your mind that helps you calm your indecisive thoughts running through your head. I literally have him rock bottom with people. I can’t understand the concept of how some people live a daily life because they literally just seek ungodly amounts of attention for what should be nothing. I’ve come to the realization of my life that I need to learn me. People try telling me who I am but they have to realize they can’t predetermine who I am for the lack of my capability of knowing myself. I prefer being one, just me myself, and I. I have a few friends who get me, even my own parents question part of my thoughts and beliefs on life. Little do I know my life could be a dream of the reality of I’m becoming rather than stepping forward in my future. Love to me is a four letter word, a long with life. What’s rather pathetic is how society twists the mind the believe its other people messing with your head when really it’s yourself.


La selfie ;)

31 Jul


The guy to change it all <3

31 Jul

It’s funny how the mind can change your perspective on things, such as relationships. I myself was the one who would talk to a guy for two weeks then ignore his texts and all contact with him. Until the day I met a guy who changed my perspective on the world. It’s been two months of continuos talking, everyday. There was a point to where I had felt it was going nowhere so I had put an end to what we had. He continued to talk to me until he told me he still had feelings for me and wanted to try and make things work. Right there had shown not only was he actually serious that during the week I was hoping to receive a text. He has shown me my talents are more than what I thought they were and that I’m stronger and a much better person than I see when I look in the mirror. The day I first saw him I instantly felt a connection. He has shown me that I can trust him and rely on him, he’s the guy I know that if I need to fall back on him I can and he’ll catch me. He is the guy that opened my heart with a key that was lost. ❤

Love & relationships. The confusion of it all.

22 May

We all come to that point in life when we believe having a significant will make us complete. We think having our best friend would make it a great relationship, I believed that too. I still do. I’m so lost on the fact how girls usually want the bad boys over the nice guys. I’ve missed out on a hell of a guy do to me being absolutely blind to it all. I know they say everyone has that one person out there for you but I can only believe that to a certain extent. I suck at relationships by messing everything up by being to awkward or to comfortable, to shy, to outgoing. It’s like a never ending cycle of screw ups. I just don’t understand.


A blank look can say a lot.

21 Apr



Be yourself.

20 Apr



20 Apr

Music. The thing that brings all cultures together. Every culture has different music but,it all does the same thing. When I listen to music my mind travels. I’m in my own world, my own thoughts, my own life. Music makes me think, it makes my creative side come out. Music is perfect for any mood. Whenever I have problems I just put my earbuds in and leave the trouble mentally.
Music is therapy for the heart, the mind, and the body although some people would disagree. Next time you get a chance, sit down and listen to music. Close your eyes and take In what the songs say. Let the lyrics run through your head, the beats run through your blood. The next time you have a bad day, put on your favorite song and let it heal you. Music not only brings other people together it brings the person you are together. Music will always be there when you feel as if no one else’s there for you.
Music is life, life is music. Life is a song that continues to go on. Different days are different measures, your ups and downs are different notes. The new chapter is a new verse. You can control your song,sometimes just let it control you.